Q   1. How can I open account for trading stocks with Kasikorn Securities?
A   Here are account opening instructions
Step 1 : Register and create your username and password by click here
Step 2 : Download an account opening application forms by click here and fill out the form
Step 3 : Recheck all required documents and application forms, and then mail them to
E-Business Department
Step 4 : Account opening process will take about 3 business days for approval.
Step 5 : After your trading account has been approved. You will receive a confirmed e-mail with details about your trading account. After that, when you login to the system for the first time, you will find the screen to force you to create a PIN code. This PIN is required for trading and placing any online requests (PIN is a 6-digit number only).
Step 6 : Deposit cash collateral
Step 7 : Start to invest
Q   2. How many account type does Kasikorn Securities have and what are the differences?
A   We offer 2 types of trading accounts, which are:

1. Cash Account
Cash account requires 20% collateral of approved trading line before starting your trading. Cash deposits or stocks can be used as collateral by transferring to Kasikorn Securities’ account. Trade settlement will be settled by Automatic Transfer System (ATS) in debiting or crediting of your account on the third business days after transaction date (T+3). The applicable banks for ATS are KBANK, BBL, SCB, BAY, KTB, TBANK, and CIMBT. For this account type, Kasikorn Securities offers a credit line for you based on your provided financial statement.

In addition, you can apply for K-Stock 2 Fund service which is automatic stock settlement via money market fund. K-stock 2 Fund offers you an opportunity to enhance your investment return during cash holding period before investing in the stock market.

2. Cash Balance (Prepaid)
Cash balance account requires a 100% cash collateral before starting your trade. The required collateral will be transferred to Kasikorn Securities account. Your deposit will be entitled for the announced deposit rate. Trade settlement will be debited (credited) from (to) your cash balance on the third business days after transaction date (T+3).
Q   3. How can I deposit cash collateral to Kasikorn Securities?
A   Before strating your trade, you can deposit cash or check into the following accounts.
        Cash account requires 20% collateral of approved trading line before starting your trading.
        Cash balance account requires a 100% cash collateral before starting your trade.

        The Company will receive money from customer through the following channels only :

        1.Bill Payment Services via the following channels:

           1.1 Cash deposit at Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krungthai Bank,TMB Bank, Bank of Ayudhya and
                Thanachart Bank by using the Company’ s form attached herewith or download Click Here
           1.2 Internet Banking and Mobile Banking via the above mentioned banks.
           1.3 ATM (except ATM of Thanachart Bank) and specify Comp.Code as follows:

Comp. Code
Kasikorn Bank 50211
Bangkok Bank 14114
Siam Commercial Bank 0143063200
Krungthai Bank 5335
TMB Bank 2603
Bank of Ayudhya 24709

       Customer can download the manual for using Bill Payment Services Click Here
       Note : The amount of money that can be paid via Bill Payment services depend on the terms and conditions of each bank.

        2.Online Direct Debit Service (ODD) or Automated Transfer System (ATS) Services

             2.1 Online Direct Debit Service (ODD) (Kasikorn Bank's Customer only):
              Customer can subscribe to this service via ATM or K-Cyber Banking.
             2.2 Automated Transfer System (ATS) of Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krungthai Bank, TMB Bank,
              Bank of Ayudhya, Thanachart Bank and CIMB Thai Bank.

        Please contact your Investment Consultant for more details on subscription.

      3.Transfer money via electronic network between banks (BAHTNET)

           For your information, Online Direct Debit Service (ODD) as mentioned in 2.1 is a convenient and fast channel as the money will be debited and credited to your trading account instantly.

Q   4. What is an interest rate for cash collateral with Kasikorn Securities?
A   Customer will receive interest at a rate of 1.6 percent per year before 15% tax rate. The company will deposit the interest to your account on a monthly basis.
Q   5. What is the trading program?
A   There are several trading programs for you to choose. The popular programs that Kasikorn Securities customers prefer are Streaming Pro and on K-Cyber Trade website.
Q   6. What are the commission fee and account opening fee?
A   Commission fee and account opening fee

Account Type Trading fees separated by channels of investment (per day)
Through EWM Through Internet
Commission fee Minimum per day Commission fee Minimum per day
1. Cash Account 0.257% 50 baht 0.207% 50 baht
2. Cash Balance Account 0.257% 50 baht 0.157% 50 baht

Note : If you are trading through EWM and Internet on the same day, Kasikorn Securities Company will charge a minimum commission rate of 50 baht.

Other expenses
For customer, who is interested in opening a Cash Account and Cash Balance Account.
- There is no additional cost.

Q   7. How can I use Streaming Program via mobile phone, iPhone, iPad?
1. Customer need to have Kasikorn Securities account and activate K-Cyber Trade service with Kasikorn Securities.
2. Activate mobile service through www.kasikornsecurities.com (One-time activation process)
    2.1 Login to www.kasikornsecurities.com >> choose menu “Settings” >> sub-menu “Mobile Trading”
    2.2 Fill out your PIN code (the same with PIN to confirm the order) and go to tab “Activation”
    2.3 Your Mobile Username will be displayed (please write it down)
    2.4 Create your Mobile Password (please write it down)
    2.5 Mobile activation service is completed. You can now logout from the system.
3. Connect the Internet via mobile, iPhone, or iPad.
4. Download the Streaming program
    4.1 For iPhone and iPad: Select App Store >> search “Streaming for iPhone” (for iPhone) or search for “Streaming for iPad” (for iPad) and enter your iTune password to download.
    4.2 For mobile: go to http://wap.settrade.com/download/
5. When a customer has Streaming program in your device, you can open Streaming to login immediately by using Mobile Username, Mobile Password and choose “KS” as a broker, and then click “Login” to enter to the system.
Q   8. How can I use Streaming program via PDA?
A   For customers who use PDA device, you can go to www.kasikornsecurities.com/pda and use the Username and Password, the same as you login through PC / Notebook.
Q   9. What is a PIN code?
A   PIN code is code for confirming trading orders and verifying the requests on K-Cyber Trade. PIN code is created by customer when a customer logins to the system for the first time after the account is approved. The system will force you to create a PIN Code. A PIN Code is a 6-digit, number only.
Q   10. Why my account is locked? What should I do?
A   If you enter a wrong password for 3 times consecutively, your account will be locked. Clients can contact K-Cyber Trade Call Center to unlock password at +662-7960009 (For your security purposes).
Q   11. How can I contact K-Cyber Trade Officer?
A   Customer can contact K-Cyber Trade Officer via K-Cyber Trade Call Center +662-7960009 or E-Mail : ks.ebusiness@kasikornsecurities.com
Q   12. To contact K-Cyber Trade, what is the basic information that customer should know first?
1. Your trading Account Number (7 digits)
2. Your username and password for accessing K-Cyber Trade via PC / Notebook / PDA
3. Your username and password for accessing K-Cyber Trade via mobile, iPhone, iPad