Inappropriate Buy/Sell Orders for Equities.
23/12/2019: From the trading transaction on 01 April 2020 onwards, the company will charge a bank fee with general clients for the settlement of securities trading transactions via ATS of cash account is 14 Baht ( Excluding VAT) which comply by ASCO’s commitment . However, if there are additional change the company will inform you further.
04/09/2019: Effective from 30 September 2019 onwards, Clients will receive TFEX Certificate of Tax Withhold at the Source of Payment under Section 50 ,Margin Call Letter, Opening Derivatives Trading Account Letter, ATS Authorization Letter, Account Information Changing Letter and Closing Derivatives Trading Account Letter form by email or by post in which have been in the same channel of Confirmation Note / Settlement Statement / Daily Statement of Account / Tax Invoice and Monthly Statement of Account, TFEX Collateral Delivery Form and Collateral Receipt Form.
20/06/2019: Please be advised that for increased customer safety and convenience, SCBS will be sending documents to customers by e-mail instead of through the post office.
21/11/2018: Effective from 3 December 2018 onwards, Clients will receive TFEX Collateral Delivery Form and Collateral Receipt Form by email or by post in which have been in the same channel of Confirmation Note / Settlement Statement / Daily Statement of Account / Tax Invoice and Monthly Statement of Account.
23/07/2018: According to SCB Bank’s improvement of “SCB Bill Payment” service channels via counter bank branch. (Please click here for details)
25/12/2017: For Cash Account type ONLY: From 12/02/2018 the Automatic Transfer System (ATS) cut off time of amount deduction and amount of deposit into client's bank account time will be change. (Please click here for details)
31/10/2017: Announcement: Guideline on handling fails of securities delivery under the regulations of the Thai Clearing House Co., Ltd.
27/12/2016: Since January 1, 2017 onwards, SCBS will charge The Regulatory Fee for TFEX account in accordance with SEC term and condition announcement.
23/12/2016: Since January 4,2017 onwards, SCBS will change regulatory fee of stock trading account for retail clients (as SEC announcement) from 0.0018% to 0.0010%
19/12/2016: ประกาศแจ้งหลักเกณฑ์ เงื่อนไข และวิธีการโอนหลักทรัพย์ การถอนและออกใบหลักทรัพย์ และการฝากหลักทรัพย์ เช่น ต้องโอนในชื่อตนเอง หรือ คู่สมรส หรือ บุตร เท่านั้น โดยมีผลตั้งแต่ 1 มกราคม 2560 เป็นต้นไป
From January 11,2016 onwards, You can request to receive Confirmation Note/Settlement Statement/Daily Statement of Account/Tax Invoice and Monthly Statement of Account in electronic form via e-mail by sent your intention through
For all customers who do not have movements of transaction or make changes to equities for a consecutive period of one year or more, the company will send statements to the clients only once a year. This change will take effect from January 1, 2016 onwards.
For Derivatives Trading Account : From May 2016 onwards, SCBS will change the period of time for issue withholding tax certificate for individual clients from every month to every end of June And December.
From November 2, 2015 onwards, SCBS will send all documents of transactions you made in a day to your mailing address in one envelop by post.
** 2015 revision of the trading limit : ทบทวนวงเงินประจำปี 2558

*** Thai bourse’s adjusted market supervision rules effective from Jan 5, 2015 ***

1. Overnight (advance) orders can be made starting 5:15 PM, effective December 11, 2015 onwards.
2. Starting March 30, 2015, SIPS will be available under new business hours, from 08:30 to the time the market closes (or approximately 16:35)

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7. Warning: please be more cautious for trading the securities with high P/E ratio

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9. Mobile Trading via iPhone/iPad

10. The company will send statement of securities and statement of cash for the customers who have movement within the month only. And will be sent to all customers for every 6 months by effective from January 2015 onwards.

How to request for copies of “Application Form”, “Broker and Agent Appointment Agreement”