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SCBS Technical Chart [2] + Smart News

SCBS Technical Chart [2] + Smart News

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Manual eFin Smart Portal (eFinance)


Code   Usage Expiration How to change
1. Login ID Maximum 10 Digit combination of numbers and English letters The login ID is your account number. Please refer to this code when contacting SCB Securities.

*** See N.B.
None Cannot be changed
2. Login Password 6-8 digit, a combination of numbers and English letters The password is used to access the Internet Trading system and account information and is highly confidential None Account Services menu > Change Password
3. Q&A (Question & Answer) Maximum 30 characters - A set of code, which is used when you forgot your current password and pin code
None Account Services menu > Change Q&A
4. PIN Alpha-numeric, 6 digits A PIN code is used to verify trading orders and money transfer transactions. This is another set of highly confidential code. None Account Services menu > Change PIN
If you enter your Password or PIN incorrectly three times (consecutively), you will not be allowed to log on to the system. An error message “Log in attempt exceeds quota and account is locked. Please contact 02-949-1234” will be shown. You have to activate your password or PIN by using Q&A at “Activate Password” or call Internet Trading Call Center at Tel. 02-949-1234 or email scbsonline@scb.co.th.

***N.B. For customers who have both Internet Trading and Cash accounts:
- Use your Cash account number as the Login ID to access your online portfolio.
- Use your Internet Trading account number as the Login ID to access your online trading facilities.


1. From the main screen you have to enter Login ID and password (your login ID has 7 digits, which is also your account number) Enter the login ID and Password, that you received by email or postal in each box. Then click Login
2. After you login you will see the pop up window, asking you to change password
3. Enter a Login Password, which has been sent to you by email or postal (in a carbon paper).
4. Enter a new Login Password and re-enter a Login Password in the “Confirm your new password” space.
5. Then, Choose Question
6. Enter your answer in the answer space
7. Then click Submit
8. The system will show “click here to go back to the main page”
9. The system will show the main page with Welcome message. This is the end of your first time login. Next time you can login with normal process.

You can place “buy” orders up to the amount of the Credit Available shown in your account. To deposit money into your account, follow the steps below:

For customers with a SIPS account:
Make an online money transfer using “SIPS Deposit” under “Account Service” >>> “SIPS Service” menu. You can check the updated Credit Available balance as soon as the “SIPS Deposit” transaction has been completed.

For customers without SIPS account or SIPS awaiting authorization: Make a cash deposit at any SCB Bank branch, payable to
Account name: SCB Securities for customers
Account number: 049-3-11064-2
Account type: current
Branch: Wireless Road

To make cash collateral deposit to your Stock trading account, please fill-in following information in the form:

1. Customer Name : input your full name and surname
2. Cust.No/Ref.1 : input SCBS trading account number (7 digits number only)
3. Ref.No/Ref.2 : input your Thai ID number or Passport or Alien card number (must be matched with data given to SCBS)
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How to place an order
1. Login to system.
2. Go to the Streaming menu, choose BUY or SELL. The system will launch a popup window.
3. Enter the stock symbol, volume, and price per unit.
4. Enter PIN. You will see “Your Order has been sent.” and “To check your order…click order status” messages respectively.
5. Click NVDR if you are a foreign investor (see last page for more details). If you are Thai, you do not have to click NVDR.
6. Check for accuracy. No amendments can be made after this stage.
7. Click BUY or SELL Your order will be sent to the SET.
8. You can see the status of the order or cancel the order by clicking “cancel” button.

Click Logout button on the low left corner. The pop-up will show to confirm that you logout of the system successfully, you will see

Note: For security purposes and to protect your personal information, please properly logout from the website “ www.scbsonline.com”, every times when you finish using the website. If you leave the website idle for 15 minutes, the system will be automatically timeout.

For Internet Trading Foreign Customers:
Foreign investors who would like to purchase stocks on the SET local board, before you submit any buying orders, please click on NDVR. An NVDR or Non-Voting Depository Receipt is a new instrument aiming to help eliminate foreign investment barriers, such as the foreign investment limits. By investing in NVDRs, investors will receive all financial benefits such as dividends, right issues or warrants, as if they had invested in a company's ordinary shares. The only difference between investing in the NVDR and the company's shares is the voting right. Unlike ordinary shareholders, NVDR holders cannot be involved in company decision-making.

In case of foreign investors hold the local shares (not NVDR), prior to receiving any financial benefits, they need to submit the share conversion requested form and enclose a copy of passport to the brokerage company. There is also a fee for the share conversion process from local shares to foreign shares. The limitations of this share conversion process are there is no room for foreign shares or the documents do not submit on time. By holding NVDRs, the foreign investors do not have to go through this process and the financial benefits are secured.

Please follow the below instructions in order to set your trading order as NVDR default.
1. This is a one-time setting.
2. On your left hand side, choose “Streaming” menu
3. On “Streaming” pop up window, choose “settings”
4. On “settings” pop up window, check on NVDR box and close the pop up window
5. After the setting, when you send any trading orders, you only need to type the stock symbol, such as SHIN, PTT
6. In the new system, at the end of your NVDR stock will appear as –R such as SHIN-R, PTT-R


If you do not set NVDR as a default, every time you send a trading order (both buying and selling orders), you have to enter only a stock symbol and check on NVDR box.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to call e-Business Department at +66 2 949 1234 or email : scbsonline@scb.co.th

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