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What is AdkinsonOnline ?
How does AdkinsonOnline work ?
How secure is our computer system ?

1. What is AdkinsonOnline ?

AdkinsonOnline has been designed by Adkinson Securities Public Company Limited as a new investment service to allow investors to trade stocks online on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). It offers an exciting alternative to traditional share trading through marketing officers. AdkinsonOnline service provides more flexibility for investors who can access the Internet not only in Thailand but also around the world to trade on the SET 24 hours a day.

2. How does AdkinsonOnline work ?

AdkinsonOnline allows investors to trade for themselves through our website ( By using our website, investors can now act as their own marketing officers. They can buy, sell, and cancel orders through our real time on-line computerized system connected with the SETs computer network. Accordingly, customers can ensure that their transactions will be sent directly to the stock market. Our system allows investors to trade anytime and anywhere in the world via a personal computer or notebook computer.

3. How secure is our computer system ?

Our computer network uses a highly sophisticated security system to prevent unauthorized trades. The security system is based on Secured Socket Layer 128-bit (SSL-128) technology - the same system used by the US Defense Department.



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